In March 2017, EU Member States used to sign EuroHPC, a common effort to create and grow the European supercomputing ecosystem by completing the existing national and regional HPC initiatives with the ambitious goal of deploying 2-3 Pre-exascale systems by 2020, and 2 exascale systems by 2022. Then in January 2018, the EU commission has annpounced its decision to locate the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking in Luxembourg.

I was thus interviewed by Jonas Mercier, journalist of Paperjam to discuss the evolution of the HPC strategy in Luxembourg in the recent years and the ambitions at the national and European level, especially in the context of EuroHPC.

It was also a pleasure to see Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Defence of Luxembourg retweeting this article ;)

   Paperjam: "HPC: Luxembourg au coeur de la stratégie européenne"

Later on, on February 12th, 2018, a more complete version of the article was proposed. You can get it through the below link.

   Paperjam: "Le Luxembourg aligne les zéros"

Note that I was interviewed at about the same time by a journalist of Luxembourger Wort for a more detailed paper version on the same topics. See this blog post for more details.