Our paper entitled “PRESENCE: Toward a Novel Approach for Performance Evaluation of Mobile Cloud SaaS Web Services” [1], accepted for publication and presented at the 32th IEEE International Conference on Information Networking (IEEE ICoin 2018) , has received the ‘Best paper award’.

The paper was selected from some 476 papers submitted to the conference and 196 selected to be presented during ICOIN’s technical sessions.

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This position paper details the objectives and first result obtained with the PhD. work I proposed to Abdallah Ibrahim.


Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) deliver cloud services to cloud customers on a pay-per-use model. The qual- ity of the provided services are defined using Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The recent developments around edge computing and the advent of mobile cloud computing plat- forms contribute to the success of this approach and the multiplication of offers. Unfortunately, despite the projections foreseeing a growing market for the coming years, there is no standard mechanism which exists to verify and assure that delivered services satisfy the signed SLA agreement. Accurate measures of the provided Quality of Service (QoS) is also missing most of time. In this context, we aim at offering an automatic framework named PRESENCE, to evaluate the QoS and SLA compliance of Web Services (WSs) offered across several CSPs. PRESENCE aims at quantifying in a fair and by stealth way the performance and scalability of the delivered WS. By stealthiness, we refer to the capacity of evaluating a given Cloud service by orchestrating multiple workload patterns that making them indistinguishable from a regular user traffic from the provider point of view. PRESENCE defines a set of Common performance metrics handled by a set of agents within a customized client (called the Auditor) for measuring the behaviour of cloud applications on top of a given CSP. This position paper offers a description of the PRESENCE framework, and the way each modules are foreseen to be designed. This opens novel perspectives for assessing the SLA compliance of Cloud providers using the PRESENCE framework.


  1. A. A. Z. A. Ibrahim, S. Varrette, and P. Bouvry, “PRESENCE: Toward a Novel Approach for Performance Evaluation of Mobile Cloud SaaS Web Services ,” in Proc. of the 32nd IEEE Intl. Conf. on Information Networking (ICOIN 2018), Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2018, pp. 50–55.