My lectures in C are based on the below book written with Nicolas Bernard and published by Hermes / Lavoisier (click on the cover for more information)

Otherwise, I used to provided to my students the below documents:

You can also refer to some classical reference publications [1], or the following online resources:

C Programming Exercises & Projects

Important: I feel obliged to insist: the below material (including appendix layout) are quite old now and would deserve a big refresh. They are proposed for archiving reasons in the hope they might still be useful to students / lecturers. You will find way more up-to-date (and corrected) exercises in the above book.

2004-2007: Methologie de la Programmation (DUT I2)

Title Level Language
  TD1 C: Gestion des Entrées-Sorties DUT I1/L1
  TD2 C: Structures de controle DUT I1/L1
  TD3 C: Tableaux et pointeurs DUT I1/L1
  TD4 C: Tableaux dynamiques DUT I1/L1
  TD5 C: Utilisation de la librairie getopt DUT I1/L1
  TD6 C: Listes Chaînées/Makefile DUT I1/L1

2004-2007: Cryptographie (DEA Securité 1 Univ. de Yaoundé / Master 2 SCCI

Title Level Language
  TD Analyse de Fréquence - src_TD-analyse_freq.tgz M1/M2
  Project (C): Implémentation de l’algorithme D.E.S - src_Project_C_DES.tgz M1/M2

2009-2010: Parallel & Grid Computing (Master MICS of the UL)

The below subjects were designed in collaboration with either Frederic Pinel or Valentin Plugaru.

Title Level Language
  TD C: Back to basis (Makefile, pointers etc.) - facto_bug.c M1/M2
  TD C: Function pointers M1/M2
  TD C: Memory Aspects M1/M2


  1. B. W. Kernighan and D. M. Ritchie, The C Programming Language. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA, 1988.