Today marked the end of 4 years of collaborative work with Abdallah A.Z.A. Ibrahim since he successfully defended his PhD. thesis!

Congratulations to you, well done on a tricky subject you tackled with me despite all the challenges and technical difficulties associated to it (not counting on the fact that you had to support our numerous research discussions while I covered your whiteboard leaving it without empty space…). And not so bad outcomes – [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] to cite just a few of them ;)

   Abdallah's LinkedIn Post

For those interested, here are the slides of the defense (credits: Abdallah):

Title: Performance Evaluation and Modelling of SaaS Web Services in the Cloud,
by Abdallah A.Z.A. Ibrahim

   Download the slides (PDF)

One more supervised PhD student who became doctor – congratulations again!

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