In April 2020, I decided it was more than time to renew the main website of the University HPC Facility that started to become quite old while beeing based on a deprecated technology (Octopress 2 / Jekyll 2.x) – indeed my first commit dates back from Dec 20, 2012. The website evolved since that time thanks to multiple contributors outside me1 to make it a great source of information for the effective usage of High Performance Computing facility, however the mixed content between pure technical documentation and general information sometimes referring to no-longer used technology (like the OAR job scheduler) made it obsolete.

With the advent of the new Aion supercomputer, it was thus time to refresh the ULHPC website ad offer both a completely up-to-date content as well as a simplified (and nicer) web experience based on the latest web technologies.. After having evaluated several static website generator engines (Jekyll, Hugo,, we decided to split the ULHPC website in two parts:

After several months of efforts by the ULHPC team, the two websites are now online and aim to offer reference HPC informations and technical contents. I think we reached this objective ;)

Note: You can still access the old website on

  1. Contribution efforts between Dec 20, 2012 and Dec 31, 2020 on the www/ulhpc repository hosting the Octopress sources for the old website (based on git-stats):

    • Sebastien Varrette (36.28%)
    • Hyacinthe Cartiaux (25.57%)
    • Valentin Plugaru (23.15%)
    • Fotis Georgatos (7.81%)
    • Clement Parisot (3.52%)
    • Sarah Diehl / Peter (1.79%)
    • Clément Parisot (1.04%)
    • Teddy Valette (0.35%)
    • Emmanuel Kieffer (0.21%)
    • Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy (0.14%)
    • Maxime Schmitt (0.14%)

    Thanks a lot to all these contributors!