2020 was a challenging year for everyone that will stay in our memory. The pandemic disrupted our economies, societies, and all our best laid-out plans. However, COVID-19 also taught us several lessons for the future, in particular the (real) necessity to adapt, to be nimble and to expect the unexpected while supporting cutting-edge excellence in science with the best performing and most flexible tools to unleash research potential. One thing is certain - the strategic developments for accelerated digitalisation and the role that HPC will play to ensure a smarter and more connected University will be in focus in 2021 and the years to come. 2020 was thus a very fruitful and productive year for the ULHPC team which has seen unprecedented changes and challenges.

I completed the 2020 Annual Report of Uni.lu HPC [1] to provide a recap of the 2020 highlights for the University’s HPC facility. The report was reviewed and accepted by the rectorate and the communication department and is thus allowed for public release.

Happy reading!

  1. S. Varrette, “Uni.lu HPC Annual Report 2020,” University of Luxembourg, 2020.

   ULHPC Activity Report 2020

   Download the activity report (PDF)