I’m quite happy that the latest PRACE-6IP technical report entitled Security in an evolving European HPC Ecosystem [1] on which I largely contributed is now officially out!


The goal of this technical report is to analyse challenges and requirements related to security in the context of an evolving European HPC ecosystem, to provide selected strategies on how to address them, and to come up with a set of forward-looking recommendations. A key assumption made in this technical report is that we are in a transition period from a setup, where HPC resources are operated in a rather independent manner, to centres providing a variety of e-infrastructure services, which are not exclusively based on HPC resources and are increasingly part of federated infrastructures.

  1. D. Pleiter, S. Varrette, E. Krishnasamy, E. Özdemir, and M. Pilc, “Security in an evolving European HPC Ecosystem,” PRACE aisbl, Oct. 2021.

   Download the Report (PDF)


  • Dirk Pleiter PDC Center for High Performance Computing, KTH, Sweden
  • Sébastien Varrette Univ. of Luxembourg
  • Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy Univ. of Luxembourg
  • Enver Özdemir Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Michał Pilc Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poznan, Poland