Since 2004, I provide lectures and teaching activities on several topics (summarized in the below table), mainly at the master level (according to Bologna LMD agreement).

Time Period Level Title Institute
2021 – now M2 Trusted Computing paradigms and Distributed Ledger Technologies UL MTECH
2008 – now M2 Parallel & Grid Computing UL MICS / Adaptive Computing
2004 – 2007 DUT/L1 Programming Techniques I UL Bach. Info. de Gestion I1
2004 – 2007 L2 Advanced Programming in C, C++ and Java UL Bach. Info. de Gestion I2
2004 – 2007 M2 System Administration and Network Security UJF/INPG M2 SCCI
2006 DEA/M1 Cryptology and Network Security Univ. of Yaounde I, Cameroon


I have contributed to write several textbooks targeting graduated students and professionals, where the leitmotiv was to propose exercises illustrating the covered topic, yet with corrections.

Keynotes or Popularization

Although it is not really teaching, I often give short keynotes or talks to vulgarize various topics. Here are a links to some of the recent ones I gave:



I wrote several tutorials, and I try to keep them available on this site if possible.