8th Intl. SuperComputing Camp (SC-Camp 2017)

SC-Camp is a summer school and non-profit event about Super Computing and Distributed Systems. It proposes a series of courses around the thematic of High Performance Computing with an important focus on practical sessions (more than half of the time). It targets Master and PhD students in the field of Computer Sciences, Engineering and any other fields that could benefit from HPC (Physics & Material Sciences, Biology/Bioinformatics, Finance, etc.).

SC-Camp is a non-profit event, addressed to all students including those that lack of financial backup, so we try to keep the cost for the students as low as possible.

The 8th International Supercomputing Camp (SC-Camp 2017) was organized in Cadiz (Spain) from October 22th to October 27th, 2017 by Bernabé. It used to feature 5 days of scientific sessions, during which several programming practical sessions will be held. Together with Xavier Besseron (General chair of the event) and Hyacinthe Cartiaux, I participate to this event as instructor and keynote speaker. It was a real pleasure, not counting on the fact to have the possibility to see our Spanish friends and benefit from the incredible weather together with my family ;)

For those interested, below are the slides I used during the SC-Camp – Take a look at the Full Agenda for more details and other presentation / material.

Note: This is the first time I was using our new ULHPC logo ;)

Below are a couple of pictures taken during the conference, most of them coming from Twitter post of @SuperCCamp.