I have in general a couple of subject that can be proposed as internship at all levels.

Subject for Ph.D. and PostDoc

  • Large scale parallel simulation for Discrete Element Method.
    • In relation with the LSDEM project and the LuxDem team of Prof. Bernhard Peters.
  • Certified Security and Trust for network integrated Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Energy-aware management of Ultrascale Computing Platforms

Subject for Masters

  • An LLVM-based Approach to Generate Energy Aware Code by means of MOEAs

Subject for Bachelor

We have several background tasks linked to the large-scale management of IT [computing] systems that could lead to subjects.

At this level, the candidate will be required to acquire or complete his/her skills on administrating Linux systems in a secure way. This involves the extensive use of the Puppet configuration management software, Vagrant, Git to cite just a few.

General Guidelines

Would you be interested in the above subjects, kindly do not hesitate to contact me. I have more details

Every task of the internship will have to be fully documented (in Markdown and LaTeX formats) and will result in a technical report.