My name is Sebastien Varrette and I'm currently Research Scientist at the University of Luxembourg (UL).
I'm also leading the management of the UL High Performance Computing (HPC) platform (i.e. the supercomputer of the UL), and the associated expert team of system administrators since I joined Prof. Pascal Bouvry in 2007.

My main research interests lie in the domains of the security and performance of parallel and distributed computing platforms, such as HPC or Cloud Computing infrastructures.

I also takes part for the management committee and represents Luxembourg within multiple EU projects, such as PRACE (acting Advisor) or ETP4HPC.

Below are a couple of recent events I wanted to highlight, among all my blog posts.

High Performance Computing

A large part of my time is dedicated to the management of the UL HPC Platform and of the associated expert team of system administrators.
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