Adrien Varrette Sebastien et Mathilde Varrette

Welcome to my personal page!


My name is Sebastien Varrette and I'm 29. On the photo on the right side, you'll find me with my wife Mathilde. The second picture shows our son, Adrian, when he was 18 months old.

This site provides elements linked to my activities, whether professionnal or not. I hope you'll find useful things here.


I'm now scientific collaborator at the University of Luxembourg. I'm part of the Computer Science and Communication (CSC) research unit where I have the following activities:


I used to be a PhD. student both at the LIG (formerly ID-IMAG) and the University of Luxembourg under the supervision of Jean-Louis Roch and Franck Leprévost. My PhD details are given here.
Otherwise, here is a more detailed vitae .
University of Luxembourg