Together with the UL HPC Team, we have organized two new editions of our High Performance School:

Th march edition was targetting basic usage of the platform for newcomers (see agenda), while the june event was more similar to the seminal 2014 edition over 2 days and three parallel sessions targeting both basic and advanced usages – see Agenda.
The instructions and slides of the [many] sessions performed during the HPC School are available on the below links:

   UL HPC School 2015 Sessions/Slides

At the occasion of the UL HPC School 2015, I have given a keynote to offer an updated view (as of 2015) of the UL HPC platform, its usage and its future.

Title: High Performance Computing (HPC) at UL: Overview (as of 2015) and Usage

   Download the keynote slides (PDF)

I also gave two keynotes to introduce two key tools that probably all IT researchers should be aware of (before using it on a daily basis): Git and Vagrant – see post “Introduction to Git and Vagrant”.

Finally, one keynote was dedicated to data management:

Title: Data Management on UL HPC

   Download the keynote slides (PDF)