The 2020 PRACE Best Practice Guide on “Modern Processors” [1], elaborated as part of the PRACE-6IP project I manage for the University with Dr. Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy (Mathi for short) is out !

Mathi and me mainly contributed in this report on the Intel Skylake section (see section 3), the sustaining CPU architecture of the iris supercomputer.

  1. O. W. Saastad, K. Kapanova, S. Markov, C. Morales, A. Shamakina, N. Johnson, E. Krishnasamy, S. Varrette, and H. Shoukourian, “PRACE Best Practice Guide 2020: Modern Processors,” PRACE aisbl, Oct. 2020.

   Download the 2020 Best Practice Guide on "Modern Processors" (PDF)


Ole Widar Saastad University of Oslo, Norway

Kristina Kapanova NCSA, Bulgaria

Stoyan Markov NCSA, Bulgaria

Cristian Morales BSC, Spain

Anastasiia Shamakina HLRS, Germany

Nick Johnson EPCC, United Kingdom

Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sebastien Varrette University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Hayk Shoukourian (Editor) LRZ, Germany