Do you want to know more on the Edge Computing paradigm? Then check out the PRACE 2021 White Paper “Edge Computing: An Overview of Framework and Applications” [1], elaborated by Dr. Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy (Mathi for short), myself (from the University of Luxembourg) and Dr. Michael Mucciardi from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

  1. E. Krishnasamy, S. Varrette, and M. Mucciardi, “Edge Computing: An Overview of Framework and Applications,” PRACE aisbl, Feb. 2021.

   Download PRACE White Paper: "Edge Computing: An Overview of Framework and Applications" (PDF)


  • Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy, Sebastien Varrette University of Luxembourg
  • Michael Mucciardi Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Edge Computing?
  3. Comparison between the Cloud and Edge Computing Paradigms
  4. Edge Computing Architecture and Technology
    • Edge Computing Architecture
    • Virtualisation
    • Resource Management and Edge Orchestration
    • Developing Platform enabling Data Analytics for Edge Computing
  5. Latest Trends in Edge Computing
    • Nvidia Jetson
    • ASUS Tinker Board
    • Raspberry PI
    • Kalray MPPA
    • Example Applications
  6. In Reality: Edge vs. Supercomputers/Cloud Computing
  7. Selected Use Cases of Edge Computing enabled Applications
    • Medical Applications
    • Smart City
    • Industrial/Manufacturing Applications
    • Smart Grid and Public Safety
  8. Present Challenges
  9. Summary