Having initiated and coordinated this event since 2014, I am quite proud to reach the 11th edition of the High Performance Computing (HPC) School which is scheduled for Nov 12-19, 2021.

   11th UL HPC School

Since the Aion supercomputer is opened for beta-testing since Jul 30, 2021 (and in production release since Oct 3, 2021), the objective of the proposed practical sessions is to focus on Aion.

Also, this edition is free of charge and opened to ALL UL partners (incl. externals).


We have prepared a very complete and diverse program that aim to guide you in this complex ecosystem at half-day frequency (to give you time to digest morning sessions). Indeed, there is no real way to claim experience in HPC, HPDA and/or AI without practising, running jobs and program on a real High Performance Computing platform - those who pretend expertise (or even leadership) in these fields without these ingredients is just lying to you :)

So don’t be shy and join us for this new consolidated training performed by the UL HPC Research Computing and operations team, together with leading computational scientists of the UL and HPC experts! My deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to these contributors which accompagny me for setting up this 11th edition.